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I can tell you, from someone that has been through a lot of bad experiences with gluten-free protein bars in the past, The Gluten Free Bar is by far the best I've ever had!
- Gluten Away

We freaked out over flavors like cranberry toasted almond, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter chocolate. With the GFB, your taste buds will never get bored.

DELICIOUS. Great texture, super filling, flavorful and it tasted REAL! Often times these types of bars taste "like peanut butter" but not these, you could really taste the peanuts and the cranberries. Often times after eating a protein bar I am hungry again an hour later but not after these, I stayed full for a couple more hours!

The flavor combination is pretty much a no-brainer in my book!The actual texture of the bars is similar to a LaraBar, where it is chewy and dense. Even though I gobbled up the bar, it still was satisfying and felt like I had actually eaten a snack, instead of leaving me searching for part two of my snacktime.
- Breathe Deeply and Smile

Over the weekend, I was introduced to the sample pack of The Gluten Free Bar. I have to say that they might have taken over the long-held position of my favorite snack bar.
- Gluten Free Jenna

GFBs stand out for their simplicity (which, in the world of snack bars, is a good thing): they use real, whole, and unprocessed ingredients like california almonds, organic roasted peanuts, dates, certified gluten free oats, and golden flaxseed. And unlike other gluten free bars, GFBs don't use fillers and additives to make up for a lack of texture and flavor.
- Three Apples A Day

One gluten free item that has passed the taste and health test, is the Gluten Free Bar.

My top choice was the Cranberry Almond. Even though it is oat-free, it had a tender protein meets granola bar texture and a pleasant sweet cranberry flavor with mellow earthy notes.

I honestly really enjoyed the bars...I would recommend this bar for anyone who is looking for a gluten free bar option or for those athletes who don't want to sacrifice taste when it comes to a performance bar.

These bars are great! I thought they were filling, were a good source of protein, had a good texture, and I liked that they were vegan and gluten free. Two thumbs up! The other people that tried these gluten free bars also liked them. I am sure we will be purchasing these bars again!
- VegBlogger

When I eat these, I feel so good emotionally, but mentally too! I know I'm eating something super they truly are dairy-free, all natural, low glycemic (to stablize blood-sugar), safe for celiacs or those with Gluten intolerance (like me), a good source of omega-3 and with a whopping 12g of protein.
HIGHLIGHT: Cranberry Almond is my all-time FAVORITE Gluten-Free Bar.
- Healthy Stuff Reviews

I think I'm in love with the Cranberry + Toasted Almond GFB. There is something magical about this bar.

I love the texture, the moistness, the size and most of all, the taste. Simply put, it was one of the best g-free bars I've had. I love that the company was founded by a fellow celiac.

I loved them. I admit it. They were chewy and satisfying and curbed my appetite without feeling sugared up. 5 out of 5 stars

While they were all good, my heart belongs to the peanut butter chocolate bar...The best thing about these bars is no artificial sweeteners are added.

It was moist and nicely dense, and it has around 12 grams of protein, so it felt like I ate something substantial! I like that. I could also taste the dates (I love dates!) My teenage son had eaten the Peanut Butter Chocolate before I knew it.

"Organic dry roasted peanuts paired with organic brown rice make this a creamy but yet crunchy delight. Perfect for breakfast, or as an energizing snack anytime during the day! First I tried the peanut butter bar. I wasn't expecting to really like it bacause peanut butter on it's own in a snack bar usually lacks excitement. But this bar was incredibly flavourful and chewy - very satisfying."
- Gluten Free With Aunt Jayne

"But how did it taste? Delicious! You don't expect a packaged bar to be chewy and moist, but somehow The GFB does it. The peanuts, brown rice, and flax seeds provide a little crunchiness in the midst of the creamy goodness."

"At 12 grams per bar, the GFB has a sizable amount more than your typical bar. For comparison sake, your typical LaraBar has 2-4 grams of protein. This was one of the most positive aspects of the bar, as I typically crash about 30-45 minutes after eating your typical bar on an empty stomach. With the GFB I felt satisfied for a couple of hours afterwards."

"The high amount of protein in each bar was a pleasant surprise to see as a lot of convenience bars that are gluten-free tend to have a much lower amount of protein (2-3 grams)."

"Let's face it, there are a lot of gluten-free bars on the market so I was not sure how the Gluten Free Bar would differ. Well, let me tell you it is really a standout in the cluttered landscape."

"The Gluten Free Bar is definitely a power-load of goodness with all natural, dairy-free, and low sodium ingredients. Being low glycemic with a good source of omega-3s, this nutrition bar has it all."

"The peanut butter chocolate had a yummy carob chocolate thing going offset by the peanut butter. It was almost brownie-like but with a smooth exterior and nutty crisps inside and wasn't too sweet. These awesome little bars though are no joke- being dairy-free, all natural, low glycemic, safe for celiacs, a good source of omega-3 and a mega 12g of protein."

"The bars are a nice chewy, healthy, preservative-free alternative to other bars I've tried. After eating the bar, I was actually full for a few hours which is unusual - normally I can scarf down a gluten free bar and be ready for another shortly after! "

"I was surprisingly full for hours, making GFB's perfectly suitable for a meal replacement. GFB's are great option for traveling and especially as a back-up in case the pre-ordered corporate meal is the usual sandwich & wrap tray. (You know that happens all too often!)"
- Cindy's Gluten Free Adventures

"The (GFB) had great flavor, held up well to traveling back and forth in my backpack and did a great job filling me up when I was hungry and needed some protein (12g of protein in the chocolate, and 13g of protein in the peanut butter bar)."

"The taste and texture is of real crushed peanuts, a refreshing change from the many airy, empty-calorie options out there. And it is a dense, satisfying bar. The healthy fats, vegetarian protein and fiber really filled me up. "
- The Gluten-Free RD

"These bars are moist (the peanut butter version moreso than the chocolate-peanut butter, IMHO) and slightly chewy. There is just enough of a crunch from the peanuts, brown rice and flax seeds to let you know that you are tasting something fabulous."
- Gluten Free Gobsmacked

"They kind of taste like cookies with sesame seeds, which I'm really digging. The texture is like a dense chunky brownie, with some crispy rice added in for extra crunch. I was quite surprised how much I liked them (probably because they do taste like cookies). I had to remind myself to share with the kids."

"I liked that it wasn't super sweet since I often find the LaraBars too sweet depending on flavor. It was also a bit drier than my usual snack which made it more cookie-like to me but I didn't mind this texture...They are 12 or 13 grams of protein per bar depending on the flavor. This is something that definitely interests me since I am always looking for more protein in my diet."
- Gluten Free Fun

"As a gluten free vegetarian (well, except for delicious bacon), I am always looking for an easily transportable snack that's high in nutritional value. The Gluten Free Bars definitely fit the bill!"

"The GFB is a fantastic choice for children, teens and adults alike. Each bar provides high quality whole nutrients such as organic brown rice, peanuts, and omega-3 packed flax seeds. Low in saturated fat, the GFB also contains sufficient protein and fiber to maintain blood sugar control and keep you feeling satisfied for longer. "
- Lara Field, MS, RD, CSP, LDN
Pediatric Dietitian
FEED - Forming Early Eating Decisions