I am still trying to figure out if these are even real...too good to be true!! Easily the best protein bar I have ever had which is why I just signed up for 2 boxes a month (for starters)!! - RK
So I was like a kid on Christmas morning after trying the Blueberry Almond Crunch and PB & J Bites! I’d already tried several of the bars that are carried at my local Giant in Vienna, VA, and LOVED them. I’ve even put in a request for my grocery store to stock more of their products. I must really like brand cause I did a happy dance for two days! Thank you Marshall and Elliott. - Heather Anderson
A cross between truffle and rum ball (without alcohol), this delicious marriage of dark chocolate, coconut, organic dates, sunflower seeds and protein blend (brown rice and pea) is a real treat. - Gluten Free and More
My top choice was the Cranberry Almond. Even though it is oat-free, it had a tender protein meets granola bar texture and a pleasant sweet cranberry flavor with mellow earthy notes. - Go Dairy Free
I’m new to gluten-free eating and happened upon your bars at our local grocery store. They are wonderful! Better than any non-gluten-free bar I’ve had bar(pun intended) none! Better yet, my kids like them. Now that’s saying something. - Carrie S.
I need all of these. New favorite vegan bars!!! 💛💛💛 - Natalie Banana
I just ate the Coconut Cashew Crunch and it was delicious!!! I quickly looked at the sugar and it was 6grams for two tasty treats. - Lovemaka
Of course, these bars are mommy-approved, not only because they are delicious, but because they are made of wholesome ingredients. - Your World
Over the weekend, I was introduced to the sample pack of The Gluten Free Bar. I have to say that they might have taken over the long-held position of my favorite snack bar. - Gluten Free Jenna
The taste is sweet both from the cranberry and agave. It actually tastes slightly cranberry – a pleasant surprise. Very satisfying. - Super Market Guru